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Betsy DeVos: Biden Plans to Radically Change Title IX to Let Biological Men Play...

President Joe Biden plans to force the nation's schools to allow biological boys to play in girls' sports by reinterpreting Title IX, says former...

Commentary: Latest Attack on School Choice Is Short on Facts, Heavy on Fear-Mongering

The latest anti-school choice rant comes to us courtesy of Diane Ravitch, “a historian of education,” who is the Arthur Clarke of her field. When she writes, the reader is treated to science fiction dosed with a substantive amount of snake oil for good measure. In the current New York Review of Books, Ravitch’s “The Dark History of School Choice” is laden with cherry-picked half-truths and a level of fearmongering guaranteed to put a satisfied smirk on the face of every teacher union leader. Reviewing several books on the subject, she does correctly cite a few circumstances where the push for the privatization of schools was used to promote racial segregation, but her 3,700-word tirade is very light on facts, and is instead primarily an excuse to bash Betsy DeVos, Christianity and free market policies in education.

Chicago Teachers Put Biden Loyalties to the Test

The Bidens are a union family through and through, which made the question asked at a White House briefing early in the new administration...

Standardized Tests Show Decline in Academic Achievement Before Pandemic Lockdowns

On the most recent  (NAEP), or “nation’s report card,” test scores in both reading and math declined for 13-year-old students, the first drop registered...
Front view of happy school students standing in outside corridor at school while holding american flag

Student Centered Funding, School Choice, and Racism

The plan to veer away from educational central planning in Los Angeles is on hold, and a professor of educational history farcically links school...
Group of people wearing face mask protesting and giving slogans in a rally. Group of demonstrators protesting in the city.

Sand: Unity or Union Fealty?

"In Joe Biden’s inaugural speech last week, he stressed 'unity.' In fact, he used the term eight times. So you might think that, in...
Benjamin Franklin With Worried and Concerned Expression Wearing Medical Face Mask On One Hundred Dollar Bill.

Congress Blocks School Choice in New Stimulus Package

By Eric Boehm Governors are prohibited from using emergency school funding to give families more education options, thanks to a new provision inserted in the...
optical form of an examinationoptical form of an examination with pencil

Feds Canceling Tests Will Hide For Years How School Shutdowns Screwed Kids

By Joy Pullmann A federal agency is canceling congressionally mandated nationwide tests scheduled for 2021, ending the only way to reliably measure the effect of...
Exterior of District Courthouse. Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Six Months In, Tennessee Has Used Only 43 Percent of Its CARES Act Education...

By Vivian Jones More than six months after receiving more than $596 million in federal COVID-19 relief for education, entities in Tennessee have spent just...
Front view of happy school students standing in outside corridor at school while holding american flag

Biden Ain’t for the Kids

At the risk of stating the obvious, the country’s political future is murky. If Joe Biden withstands the onslaught of ballot fraud challenges and...

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Private sector production is headed into a downturn that could paradoxically benefit the economy by keeping the Fed from raising interest rates too far...

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