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California Community College Officials Will Grade Employees on Diversity ‘Competencies’

Tenure review will now include how much someone understands ‘anti-racism’ California Community Colleges will now grade its employees on how well they promote “Diversity, Equity,...
California agriculture

Commentary: California’s Ag Community Problems Should Be Everyone’s Concern

California food producers face increased regulations and fees, along with skyrocketing costs of fertilizer, labor, and water.
California teachers strike

California Teachers Unions Keep Fighting Accountability (Commentary)

California teachers unions have fought to keep it all but impossible to remove incompetent or criminal teachers. Back in 1975, I lost my 6th-grade teaching...
gas prices

California’s $6 Per Gallon Gas Prices Breaks Record – Again

California’s average price for a gallon of gas shattered previous records again, in part because of the war in the Ukraine.
California teachers strike

California’s Teachers Unions and Public School Decline (Opinion)

In just three days in early May, California’s teachers unions opened the vault and moved $1.2 million into Tony Thurmond’s campaign for Superintendent of...
letter grades

Letter Grades Could End at University of California

The University of California (UC) is weighing alternatives to conventional letter grades  in the interest of solving “bias and inequities.” A Mar. 16 memo from the public...
San Fransciso, California

Commentary: California Could Lead Charge in Fight Against Woke Education

Just a few short years ago, local school boards were the sleepiest of sleepy government backwaters, with news coverage typically assigned to the unfortunate...

As California Goes, Let’s Hope the Nation Doesn’t Follow

"They—whoever they are—say “as California goes, so goes the nation.” Let’s hope not. The California state legislature has put forth some bills that boggle the mind and seek to change family, physicians, and their relationship to the government forever."
Modern automatic automobile manufacturing workshop. A busy car production line. Industrial scenery background.

AB 2932 Proposes Mandated Four-Day Workweek in California

Assembly Members Evan Low and Cristina Garcia are joint authors of  Assembly Bill 2932, which would amend Section 510 of the California Labor Code...

Local Governments in California Lost $20 Million Running Public Golf Courses in 2020

Reason Foundation recently identified 221 local governments across the country that reported running public golf courses in their 2020 financial reports. Of those 221 local...

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violating 'Miranda Rights'

Supreme Court: Can’t Sue Cops for Violating ‘Miranda Rights’

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday one cannot sue police for violating 'Miranda Rights' by failing to inform a suspect of his rights. The Supreme Court...

Downturn Could Benefit Economy by Limiting Fed Interest Rate Hikes

Private sector production is headed into a downturn that could paradoxically benefit the economy by keeping the Fed from raising interest rates too far...

State-by-State Rundown on Abortion (Analysis)

Most states are unlikely to enact bans, but 22 either have them already or probably will soon; following is a rundown on state abortion...