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Oil Company Shows Wall Street How to Do ESG

Oil company shows Wall Street social costs as well as benefits of eliminating fossil fuels should be considered in Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria. In...
GOP attorneys general threaten blackrock with antitrust action

BlackRock Threatened with Antitrust Action Over ESG

By Robert Romano A group of 19 Republican Attorneys General led by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson have threatened...

The Rise of ESG and Its Implications for the U.S. Economy (Commentary)

The movement for creating systemic change in the economic system is growing. Traditionally, investments in entrepreneurial ventures were based on expectations for a favorable...
west virginia ESG agenda

West Virginia Blocks Wall Street Titans Pushing ESG Agenda

By Mary Rooke West Virginia blocked five major Wall Street banks Thursday from doing business with the state for pushing a green agenda, Environmental, Social...

DeSantis Announces Plan to Fight ESG Influence in Florida

By Eric Lendrum On Wednesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) revealed that he would be taking steps to ban the influence of the globalist concept...
Elon Musk ESG

Why Elon Musk’s war on ESG matters—and How Republicans Can Win It by defunding...

Elon Musk’s war on ESG matters. Republicans should defund Environment and Social Governance investment funds and federal programs.

A Musk Inspired Anti-ESG Takeover Wave?

An anti-ESG Fund would short companies overvalued due to government-dictated ESG metrics and buy companies undervalued due to said metrics.

Those Pushing ESG Lack an Understanding of the Many Uses of Crude Oil

Advocates for divesting from oil as part of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals are seemingly unaware, that once refined, oil serves as the basis of more than 6,000 products in our daily lives that did not exist before the 1900s,
eminent domain closure

Sanctions, Climate Policy, ESG, and Energy Dependence

If energy dominance, economic superiority, lower prices, higher standards of living, and enhanced national security, are the goals, there is a simple solution: unshackle the fossil fuel industries, allowing them to operate according to the laws of supply and demand, rather than politicians whims.

‘ESG’ Efforts to Rid the World of Fossil Fuels Will Drive Humanity Back to...

Allowing banks to collude to reshape economies and lifestyles so using Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards, requirements or scores is a very dangerous precedent. People never voted to give banks this sort of control over our world.

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