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ESG greenwashing

Anti-ESG Bill in North Carolina Will Ensure Tarheel State Pension Funds Invested Appropriately

Legislation in the North Carolina House of Representatives (HB 750) would combat environmental, social and governance scoring systems and ensure state pension funds are invested solely to achieve the maximum return on investment for pensioners, rather than advancing social or political causes
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Biden White House ‘Weaponized’ ESG Movement, State Financial Officers Foundation CEO Says

The chief executive officer of the State Financial Officers Foundation says “we never really saw the movement weaponized in a way that this...
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Despite ESG, Traditional Energy Performs

By Graham Copley Whether you are a hedge fund manager, 401(k) holder, or someone in between, you have heard the term environmental, social, and governance. ESG...
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House Panel Squabbles over ESG Definition, Standards

(The Center Square) - Democrats and Republicans presented different definitions of environmental, social and governance investment standards, with Illinois State Treasurer Michael Frerichs calling...
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Indiana House Passes Anti-ESG Pension Fund Bill

The Indiana House passed a bill that would prevent the investment of state pension funds in Environment, Social, and Governance portfolios, and require the investments are made for financial benefit of the employees.
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Some States Are Combating ESG Policies

By Samantha Aschieris The governors of Utah, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Arkansas have so far in 2023 signed legislation into law aimed at combating environmental,...

BlackRock, Vanguard Seem to be Pumping the Brakes on ESG

By Rupert Darwall After Vanguard withdrew from the Net Zero Asset Managers (NZAM) initiative, other investment managers seem to be pumping the brakes on ESG...

Utah Attorney General Blasts ESG Policies in the Wake of Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

The attorneys general also expressed concern about the Biden administration’s political motivations to give SVB a bailout (The Center Square) - Utah Attorney General Sean...
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Gov. Abbott Denounces Biden’s ESG policies that Hurt Texas Oil and Natural Gas Industry

Abbott challenged the president on the same day a coalition of 18 governors announced their plan to oppose Biden ESG policies (The Center Square) –...
ESG Delayed retirement

SVB, ESG, and Biden’s ERISA Rule

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) occurred just days after Congress passed the Braun-Barr resolution, which overturns the Biden administration’s “Prudence and Loyalty” rule and its encouragement of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing by pension managers under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). The timing could hardly be more instructive.

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