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Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker

Energy Prices in Illinois are Spiking Because of Governor’s Energy Policy, GOP Lawmakers Say

By Andrew Hensel (The Center Square) – Energy prices in Illinois are increasing and Republican lawmakers are blaming the governor's energy policies. This week, Ameren Illinois said their...

Biden’s Destructive Energy Policy is Causing Energy Inflation

The Biden administration's domestic energy policies, and geopolitical decisions, are likely causing energy inflation. This has a substantial impact on prices of goods and...
Saudi Arabia oil well energy

Shapiro: America’s Suicidal Energy Policy Has Very Real Costs

Why, precisely, doesn't the Biden administration just ramp up energy production by unleashing the power of America's oil industry?
abandoned oil pumps

Harsanyi: The Democrats’ Capricious Energy Policy Has Been a Disaster

Democrats have spent decades warning that the United States must stop using the most efficient and affordable energy sources or it will be consumed...

An America First Energy Policy

With our national security at stake, the time for a rational and ethical energy policy has arrived.
California referendum

Nearly One Million Californians Sign Energy Policy Referendum

Nearly one million Californians have signed an energy-related petition over the past two months. More than 978,000 California residents have signed the Stop the Energy Shutdown petition.
offshore oil rig

For Energy, America’s Best Foreign Policy Is a Good Domestic Policy

The U.S. reached near energy independence by 2019, benefitting consumers, national security, and creating manufacturing jobs, in the two years since he became President, Joe Biden has reversed all of that.
eminent domain closure

Sanctions, Climate Policy, ESG, and Energy Dependence

If energy dominance, economic superiority, lower prices, higher standards of living, and enhanced national security, are the goals, there is a simple solution: unshackle the fossil fuel industries, allowing them to operate according to the laws of supply and demand, rather than politicians whims.

Energy Companies to Biden: His Poor Policy Decisions Caused Price Spikes

(The Center Square) – The energy industry is pushing back after President Joe Biden suggested that the skyrocketing cost of gasoline and other energy...
California energy

Op-Ed: California’s Clean Energy Policies. Cautionary Tale for States Like Ohio, Michigan

California’s seismic shift to cleaner energy tells a cautionary tale. The Golden State may someday achieve fossil fuel independence, but that dream remains elusive.

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Texas capitol

Texas Looking More Like California (Opinion)

Texas looking more like California, after legislators passed largest increases in spending, corporate welfare, and safety nets in state history. (Opinion) By Vance Ginn Texas’ 88th...

More Businesses Leaving Crime-Ridden San Francisco

More businesses leaving crime-ridden San Francisco, with Nordstrom announcing it is closing its stores. By Eileen Griffin High-end retailer Nordstrom announced it is closing its two...
Supreme Court

Supreme Court Limits EPA’s Authority in Victory for Landowners

In Sackett v. EPA, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously struck down the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s broad application of the 1972 Clean Water Act to isolated wetlands on private property, ruling the Clean Water Act does not apply to the Sackett family’s property.