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coal power surges despite renewables push

Coal Power Surges Amid Europe’s Energy Crisis

Despite the anti-fossil fuel rhetoric of world governments, coal power surges in use amid the current European energy crisis, with countries that previously shuttered...
LNG shipping

U.S. LNG Exports Deliver Energy Security, Economic Stability in Europe

The U.S. can help Europe alleviate its energy constraints by increasing Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) exports.
COP 27

Commentary: Will Energy Prices and Shortages Enter the Debate at COP 27?

Will the need for more energy be on the agenda at COP 27 in Egypt, or will the conference just produce more hot air?

Climate Change Weekly #451: Green Energy Revolution Hits Energy Reality Wall

If carbon dioxide emissions from human activities are causing dangerous climate change, China is the straw that stirs the drink. China emits more carbon dioxide than all the developed countries on Earth combined.
Saudi Arabia oil well energy

Shapiro: America’s Suicidal Energy Policy Has Very Real Costs

Why, precisely, doesn't the Biden administration just ramp up energy production by unleashing the power of America's oil industry?

Experts Warn Congressional Leaders: Green Energy Begets Energy Crises

Fox Business broke a story about how several energy and environmental policy experts penned a letter of warning to congressional leaders, telling them that green...
Diablo Canyon Nuclear plant

Commentary: Nuclear Power Making a Comeback in Europe, Can it Happen in the United...

Nuclear power is making a comeback in Europe and elsewhere around the globe, but not in United States despite public support for it.

Europe’s long winter is almost here

By Robert Romano As global oil prices somewhat ease as Europe’s economy overheats into recession, falling prices will eventually bring along another unfortunate aspect of the...
oil production

Research & Commentary: New Report Details How to Strengthen America, Weaken Putin, and Make...

American Experiment North Dakota has released a report detailing how American leadership on energy concerns, and a ramping up of domestic energy sources, can reduce Russia’s strategic leverage over European countries and help make the world a safer place.
An aerial photograph of the Mountain Pass Rare Earth Mine & Processing Facility in San Bernardino County, California

How Clean Energy Actually Destroys The Environment And Fuels Abuse

By Micaela Burrow The global drive to replace fossil fuels with climate-friendly energy alternatives has powered demand for rare earth minerals used in electric vehicle...

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