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Net Zero Grid Batteries Alone Would Bankrupt America

The batteries needed to back up the power grid would cost trillions of dollars and produce untold amounts of environmental waste.

The Problem With Biden Banning Cars That Don’t Run on Batteries

By Travis Fisher President Joe Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency has announced an aggressive new auto tailpipe emissions rule that would ban most new cars and...

Climate Change Weekly #471: Special Edition: The Republican Debt Ceiling Bill Deserves the People’s...

It is clear that House Republicans put a lot of thought into their bill to raise the debt ceiling, officially named the 2023 Limit, Save, and Grow Act (LSGA).
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The Psychology of Electricity

Electricity is magic.. Not all electricity is equal, though – in fact, some ways to create electricity have, to not coin a phrase, two legs while good electricity has four.
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Biden’s New Emissions Control Standards Prove EVs are a Tough Sell

By Mandy Gunasekara The Biden administration released new emissions control standards for vehicles. Billed as the “most ambitious climate regulations” ever, they have captured headlines, but...

Climate Change Weekly #470: Physics Is Why Renewables Can’t Power Modern Economies

Wind turbines would have to cover one-third of the continental United States, or solar panels would probably have to cover more than 20 percent of the countryside, just to meet current demand.
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House Republicans ‘Did What They Had to Do’ on Debt Ceiling, CEO Says

House Republicans' debt ceiling bill raises the borrowing limit $1.5 trillion and "shows fiscal responsibility," says Job Creators Network chief Alfredo Ortiz. by Samantha Aschieris The...
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Stephen Moore: Who Turned the Lights Out? Joe Biden

States that have tried to switch to green energy are having to undergo dangerous blackouts and brownouts, columnist Stephen Moore says  Does the radical climate...
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Electric Vehicles Are Not Emissions Free

By Diana Furchtgott-Roth Come 2032, if President Joe Biden has his way, most Americans who want new cars may have to buy electric vehicles. While...
Sarasota, Florida

Florida Bill Could give Residents $1.2B in Tax Relief

Gov. DeSantis is also giving relief to commuters who pass through toll booths on a regular basis (The Center Square) — The Florida Legislature could...

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David Harsanyi: Media’s Coverage of the Debt-Limit Fight Is Intolerably Dishonest

The president kept promising he would not negotiate, presumably to apply pressure by scaremongering voters about a potentially ruinous default, columnist David Harsanyi says President...
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Life, Liberty, Property #18: GOP Should Hang Tough Regarding Debt Ceiling

Life, Liberty, Property #18: GOP should hang tough regarding debt ceiling after passing the Limit, Save, Grow Act.  IN THIS ISSUE: GOP Should Hang...