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U.S. Leaders Announce Electric Vehicle Corridor With Canada

By Scott McClallen (The Center Square) – An 878-mile electric vehicle corridor will stretch from Kalamazoo to Quebec City, Quebec, which officials said will be...

Washington State Officials Praise Plan to Transition to Electric Vehicles

By Brett Davis (The Center Square) – State officials on Wednesday touted the planned decarbonization of transportation in Washington via the transition from gas-powered automobiles...
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An Electric Vehicle Fee in Pennsylvania Touted as ‘Best Path Forward’

Pennsylvania will spend $172 million in federal funds to build out electric vehicle charging stations across the commonwealth over the next five years  (The Center Square)...
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Electric Vehicles Are Not Emissions Free

By Diana Furchtgott-Roth Come 2032, if President Joe Biden has his way, most Americans who want new cars may have to buy electric vehicles. While...
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Commentary: Too Clever by Half – EPA’s De-Facto Electric Vehicle Mandate

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced new, greenhouse gas emission standards for light- and medium-duty vehicles, that is a de facto electric vehicle mandate because the most popular gas and diesel vehicles on the road will unable to meet the standard. .

Michigan Lawmakers Approve $585 Million For Electric Vehicle Projects

By Bruce Walker (The Center Square) – Michigan lawmakers and government departments recently have approved nearly $590 million for four electric vehicle projects in the...

Infrastructure Buildout for Electric Vehicles Gets Framework in Legislation

The bill comes as North Carolina is preparing to implement a five-year plan to build out a network of electric vehicle charging stations  (The Center...

Wyoming Denounces Electric Vehicles To Support Oil and Gas

By Chris Woodward (The Center Square) – Wyoming lawmakers have introduced a resolution that denounces electric vehicles and pledges support for the oil and gas...
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Tennessee Gives $18 Million For Electric Vehicle Battery Manufacturing

By Jon Styf Tennessee has agreed to give Ultium Cells an additional $18 million incentive for expanding its yet-to-be opened electric vehicle battery manufacturing facility...

Claims That There Are ‘Zero Emissions’ From Electric Vehicles Have Zero Basis

The oft-repeated claim that electric vehicles are "zero emissions" has zero basis in reality. John Murawski at RealClearInvestigations found that EV emissions boasts are...

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