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Stossel: Big Education’s COVID Policies Trigger School Choice Renaissance

At least the pandemic had a silver lining. It taught parents that there are better alternatives to government schools. When COVID hit, bureaucrats in control were...
A crowd of students at a school choice rally in Wisconsin

Maine Decision Points the Way Toward Universal School Choice: Commentary

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in a Maine school choice case could allow public support for K-12 students in other states. The U.S. Supreme Court’s...
Arizona extends school choice

Arizona Extends School Choice to All K-12 Students

The Arizona legislature extended school choice to all K-12 students in a bill Gov. Doug Ducey signed Monday. “This session, let’s expand school choice any...
Glenn Youngkin

Glenn Youngkin Updates Virginia State Budget to Restore School Choice Program

Amendments to two pending budget bills would significantly improve school choice options in Virginia. In Virginia, Governor Glenn Youngkin (R-Va.), took a major step towards...
Lansing, Michigan state capitol

Expanding School Choice in Michigan (Commentary)

Expanding school choice in Michigan through Student Opportunity Scholarship accounts funded by tax credits is complicated. There is an understandable challenge in writing about Michigan’s...
school choice

Texas Governor Calls for School Choice for Every Child in Lone Star State (Commentary)

The image of Lucy yanking away the football from Charlie Brown has been invoked for years as a metaphor for Texas’ relationship with school...

Commentary: School Choice Can Save Boston’s Crumbling Education System

By Nick Lindquist Boston is America’s college town. Globally recognized as a bulwark of education, the Boston Metro Area is home to more than 70...

Low Taxes, School Choice Help Inform ALEC’s Ranking of Best, Worst Governors

(The Center Square) – Nine Republicans and one Democrat made the American Legislative Exchange Council's list of 2021's 10 best governors in a new...

Commentary: Will Alabama Legislators Make School Choice a Reality?

A comprehensive Alabama school choice bill is stalled in an Alabama Senate study group following objections from legislators and public school advocates. The Parent's Choice Act, introduced...

Commentary: Utah Governor to Veto School Choice Bill Unless His Demands Are Met

In a time of turmoil over public schools and how they are run, it is perhaps unsurprising that a state would consider a school choice bill...

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