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Russia behind bars

Buchanan: Quo Vadis, Mother Russia?

"The demise of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century," said Russia's new ruler Vladimir Putin in his 2005 state...
Donald Trump

Barone: Trump and the Republican Party

By Michael Barone Is it Donald Trump's Republican Party? You can make the case it is, as partisan Democrats do, from the victories of various...
Torn First Amendment of Constitution

Napolitano: Blaming the Constitution

Within hours of the tragic killings of 10 Americans—nine Black and one white—in a Buffalo supermarket by a deranged white racist last week, the...
Disney princess, Disney's latest

Disney’s Latest Sexy Story Is Really About Power (Analysis)

The current controversy over Senator Josh Hawley’s (R-Mo.) Copyright Clause Restoration Act of 2022 has exposed a national fault line, but not the one...
Clarence Thomas

Parker: Black Conservatives Convene for a ‘New Birth of Freedom’

Recent remarks by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, noting the institutional damage caused by the leak of Justice Samuel Alito's opinion on Roe v....

Shapiro: The Media’s Big Lie About the ‘Great Replacement Theory’ and Conservatism

This week, a racist mass shooter massacred 10 people and wounded three others at a Buffalo, New York, supermarket. The shooter was a white...
Covid swing set

Malkin: The Prosecution of Idaho Mom Sara Brady

MERIDIAN, IDAHO — Kleiner Park is an all-American, family-friendly gathering place west of Boise with 60 acres of greenery, trails, ponds, outdoor performance facilities,...
Flag of Finland

Buchanan: Why Would US Give a War Guarantee—to Finland?

Seeing Russia invade Ukraine, historically neutral Finland has undergone a late conversion and decided to join NATO immediately. Why? Because NATO membership means the world's...
free speech survey

Campus Free Speech Survey Draws Opposition (Commentary)

We’ve heard a lot, in recent years, about a free speech crisis on our college campuses. There are stories of speakers being shouted down...
for and against

Harsanyi: Better Questions To Ask Americans on Abortion

With the leak of a Supreme Court draft opinion by Justice Samuel Alito overturning Roe v. Wade, the media has gone into hyperdrive trying...

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soldier with covid mask

Malkin: Military’s Self-Sabotage Culminates in Its Covid Policies

Resistance to vaccine mandate draws swift retaliation from military bureaucracy.  A year ago this month, a comparison of military recruitment ads from China, Russia and...

Stossel: Pilot Shortage Caused by Government Regulation

Planning to fly this summer? Good luck. Delays are up. Cancellations, too. Why? Because of the pilot shortage. A pilot shortage? How can this be? Flying is...
Black America

Parker: The State of Black America

I am so pleased and proud that the first annual edition of the "State of Black America" (Encounter Books), published by my organization, CURE,...