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South Carolina Among Best in the Nation for Parent Power in Education

Parents in South Carolina have more say in their child’s education than in many other states, according to new analysis released by the Center for Education Reform.

The organization’s annually released Parent Power Index ranked South Carolina 10th best nationally for parent power. High quality teachers received high marks, while the state’s charter schools received a high score “owing more to the decline of other state laws, and not necessarily its own strength.”

“Recent developments in universities authorizing have helped spur more growth; more is needed,” the analysis on charter schools read. “So is funding such things like transportation which is currently denied these public schools of choice which makes it very hard for rural communities to get excited about charters.”

South Carolina also scored high for innovation in helping students with continuous learning during the COVID-19 pandemic and progress on broadband expansion, but earned a D grade for school-choice programs.

“The Palmetto state’s programs offer choices for a limited number of students with special needs, approximately 2,600 students,” the analysis read.

The goal of the index is to measure the policies states have in place to put students ahead of systems, value diversity of needs and empower parents to make choices about their child’s education. Scores are based on teacher quality, personalized learning, school-choice programs and charter schools.

“2020 has been a year of conflict and chaos,” said Jeanne Allen, the founder and chief executive of the Center for Education Reform. “By providing substantive information for parents and policymakers, we hope that the Parent Power Index can guide significant changes in law and behavior – something that most states are typically hesitant to do for fear of offending their friends and colleagues in the status quo.”


Originally published by The Center Square. Republished with permission.

Vivian Jones
Vivian Jones
Vivian Jones reports on Tennessee and South Carolina for The Center Square. Her writing has appeared in the Detroit News, The Hill, and publications of The Heartland Institute.


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