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Diablo Valley college cancelled classes during heatwave

Green energy policies lead to power outage, California college cancels its classes

By Kate Anderson In a Sept. 6 tweet, Diablo Valley College (DVC) announced that all in-person classes were canceled for the day after the San...

Examining California’s Renewable Energy Plan

California's green energy plans are misanthropic, harming the poor, contributing to business closures and emigration from the state.

California’s Energy Scorecard Fails on the World Stage

California's dysfunctional energy policies make it the leader in dependence on outside energy sources within the United States, importing more electricity than any other state – currently at 32 percent from states in the Northwest and Southwest.
electric power

Thanks to Green Energy Mandates, California’s Electric Grid Is Near Collapse

This time, California's “rolling blackouts” are due to green energy issues, not Enron market manipulation.
oil production

Boosting Domestic Energy Supplies Is Key To Winning on Energy Prices and Security

The Biden administration is still pushing misguided domestic measures that obstruct reducing energy prices and addressing climate change.
coal power surges despite renewables push

Coal Power Surges Amid Europe’s Energy Crisis

Despite the anti-fossil fuel rhetoric of world governments, coal power surges in use amid the current European energy crisis, with countries that previously shuttered...
windfall profits tax

Americans Need More Energy to Reduce Prices. Not New Windfall Profits Taxes

A windfall profits tax won’t secure America’s energy future. The only thing that can? Producing more American energy.
Denver, Colorado

Increasing Number of California Businesses Relocating to Colorado

Colorado has joined the growing list of states that former California employers and employees now prefer to call home.
electric power transmission

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Leads 17-State Coalition Fighting Federal Energy Power Grab

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is leading a coalition of 17 state attorneys general who sent a letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), pushing back against the agencies proposed rule granting increased electrical grid oversight to itself.

Experts Warn Congressional Leaders: Green Energy Begets Energy Crises

Fox Business broke a story about how several energy and environmental policy experts penned a letter of warning to congressional leaders, telling them that green...

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