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Climate Change Weekly #440: Supreme Court Restores Limits on Executive Agencies

The Supreme Court's decision in West Virginia v. EPA, setting limits on the administrative state’s powers, is arguably the most consequential and far-reaching in years.

U.S. Supreme Court Puts Baltimore Climate Lawsuit Back Under Federal Jurisdiction, For Now

The city of Baltimore’s effort to force 23 energy companies compensate it for the costs of climate change through litigation hit a roadblock in May when the U.S. Supreme Court voted to overturn a lower court's decision to remand the city’s lawsuit to state court.
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Oregon Supreme Court Rejects Youths’ Climate Lawsuit Claims

The Supreme Court of Oregon has rejected claims brought on behalf of youth plaintiffs that the state’s public trust doctrine imposes broad duties on it to protect the environment from greenhouse gas emissions.

Supreme Court Changed the Calculus for Hyperregulation

Supreme Court changed the calculus for hyperregulation with its decision in West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency. The Biden administration has so far trampled the...
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Harsanyi: Biden Has No Right To Declare a National Climate Emergency

The Washington Post reported Monday night that President Joe Biden is "considering whether to declare a national climate emergency" to "salvage his stalled environmental...
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Commentary: The Climate Agenda Is What’s Melting

President Biden may declare a climate emergency. If he does, the irony will be rich, as the 911 call should really be for the climate agenda.
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Biden’s Climate Spending Extravaganza Involves ‘Whole of Government’

Biden's climate spending extravaganza involves a 'whole of government' approach that has bureaucrats scrambling to get in on the action. Just two years ago, the...
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Full Analysis: the Most Consequential Supreme Court in Decades

The rejection of the incrementalist approach is significant and indicates that Chief Justice John Roberts no longer controls the U.S. Supreme Court.

Supreme Court’s Major Questions Doctrine and Big Tech (Commentary)

The major questions doctrine says Congress must explicitly give an agency a power, which has implications for net neutrality and Big Tech. Last week, the...

Climate Change Weekly #439: Hurricanes Not Increasing, Despite Warming

Research is increasingly making clear that the modest warming of the planet has not caused hurricanes to grow more frequent or severe.

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Price Controls Have Never Worked (Commentary)

Nearly all economists agree that price controls are harmful—yet this has not stopped the specter of them from rising once again.
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Texas A&M Faces Lawsuit Alleging Hiring Discrimination Against White and Asian Males

Texas A&M University faces a lawsuit over a hiring program that allegedly advantages candidates of color over white and Asian males.

Mixed News on Economy Signals Serious Downturn As Fed Tightens the Screws

Despite the mixed news on the economy, stock prices and housing activity continue to signal the likelihood of a serious downturn. The Week That Was The...