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Portland, Oregon Public Schools Are Moving to ‘Equitable’ Grading Practices

Portland, Oregon public schools are introducing “equitable” grading practices in middle and high schools, including no zeroes, no grades for homework. By Eileen Griffin Portland, Oregon...
gas prices over the edge

Oregon Could Allow You to Pump Your Own Gas

Oregon could allow you to pump your own gas legally at some pumps, leaving only New Jersey requiring attendants. by Christian Britschgi After years of marginal...
Oregon state capitol

Oregon Senate Republicans Halt Radical Legislation

Oregon Senate Republicans halt radical transgender and abortion legislation by denying a quorum for vote. By Eileen Griffin Republican State Senators in Oregon are standing for...

Oregon Politicians Ask Biden Admin To Declare ‘Fishery Resource Disaster’

By Kate Hirzel Oregon members of Congress and Democratic Gov. Tina Kotek are urging the U.S. Department of Commerce to declare a “fishery resource disaster,”...
homeless person on the street

Oregon Gov. Tina Kotek’s Homeless Emergency

By Eileen Griffin Just 24 hours after being sworn in, Oregon  Gov. Tina Kotek (D) declared a state of emergency to combat homelessness across most...
electric power

Oregon Supreme Court Ignores Rural Pleas and Greenlights Giant Wind Power Line

In a long-sought victory for the Climate Industrial Complex, the Oregon Supreme Court March 9 approved construction of a 300-mile, high-voltage power line that will transmit wind energy through parts of eastern Oregon and western Idaho.

Eastern Oregon Continues Fight to Secede, Join Idaho

Eastern Oregon continues fight to secede and join Idaho, with voters in 11 counties approving ballot measures. By Eileen Griffin Several eastern counties are attempting to...
FBI crime data

Crime Closed Retailers  in Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas

Crime closed retailers in Portland, Oregon, Austin, Texas, and Seattle, Washington, unable to absorb the losses, and corporations have relocated from Chicago. By Eileen Griffin A...
Apartment Complex

The Sovietization of Oregon

Housing prices are falling today due the economy, but Oregon still has few new homes being built to house its residents A sweeping new housing bill is prancing...

Oregon Officials Agree to Physician-Assisted Suicide for Non-Residents

“The state just went into negotiations. That’s going against what the people voted on in 1994 and 1997. The people of Oregon were voting on a law that would only apply to the state of Oregon.”

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never-ending spending

Life, Liberty, Property #33: Latest Plan for Federal Overspending Stalls

Life, Liberty, Property #33: latest plan for federal overspending stalls in Congress as fiscal year-end looms for appropriations. IN THIS ISSUE: Latest Plan for Federal...
climate alarm

Commentary: Warm-Mongers vs. Classical Liberals

Thirty-five years in, climate mitigation policies are a road to serfdom. Roads to freedom—to capitalize on the good and ameliorate the bad—remain the best climate policy.
Texas two step

Texas Two-Step in Dallas: Property Tax Relief but Excessive Spending (Opinion)

Texas two-step in Dallas: property tax relief negated by excessive state and local government spending. (Opinion) By Vance Ginn If you live in Texas, then your...