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Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Calls for More Tax Reforms in ’23 Legislative Agenda

The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce has come out with an agenda for the upcoming 2023 legislative session that emphasizes tax reform.

Louisville, Kentucky Schools: CRT/LGBTQ+ Training for Teachers

Louisville, Kentucky schools require training for teachers in Critical Race Theory, sexual curricula, and other progressive woke ideology. A public school district in Louisville, Kentucky...
public school mask mandare

Kentucky’s Largest School District Brings Back Mask Mandate

The largest school district is Kentucky has restored its mask mandate, requiring children to cover up again in order to attend school. (The Center Square)...

School Choice Heads to Kentucky Supreme Court

(The Center Square) – The Kentucky Supreme Court has agreed to take up a school choice law a Franklin Circuit Court judge ruled unconstitutional. Last October,...

Lawmaker Wants Kentucky to Allow Voter Initiatives

(The Center Square) – A Kentucky lawmaker wants a constitutional amendment that would give residents a chance to propose their own laws for the...
HHS may be making new case for mask mandates to fight Long COVID

In Kentucky, Education Opportunity Accounts Can Give Students Chance to Overcome Hardship

Editor's Note: Jan. 23-29 is National School Choice Week. This is the second of a five-part series of commentaries exploring the successes and challenges...

Op-Ed: Kentucky Lawmakers Make Little Progress This Year in Cutting Red Tape to Close...

Kentucky continues to disappoint free-market advocates with its lagging efforts to cut regulations that harm broadband growth, while the financial albatross that is KentuckyWired...
Mature female with smartphone paying for food products in supermarket while standing by her husband in front of happy young cashier

Research & Commentary: Kentucky Assembly Proposes Minimum Wage Hike

Throughout 2021, many states have suffered from labor shortages, unprecedented inflation, and the ever-worsening supply chain crisis. Because of the perilous economic situation, many...

Kentucky Attorney General Appeals Ruling Against Education Tax Credits to State Supreme Court

(The Center Square) – Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron and a nonprofit law firm that backs school-choice measures have asked the state’s Supreme Court...
Happy black teacher and her students wearing protective face mask in the classroom. Teacher is giving them their test results.

Kentucky Judge Wants to Rule on School Choice Law in Coming Weeks

By Steve Bittenbender (The Center Square) – A Kentucky judge said he expects to make a ruling in the next few weeks on a new state...

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