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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Josh Hammer: The Case for Ron DeSantis

Registered Republicans now outnumber registered Democrats in Florida by nearly 500,000, a shift of over 700,000 since DeSantis' minuscule 2018 gubernatorial victory, columnist Josh...
Biden climate announcement

David Harsanyi: Media’s Coverage of the Debt-Limit Fight Is Intolerably Dishonest

The president kept promising he would not negotiate, presumably to apply pressure by scaremongering voters about a potentially ruinous default, columnist David Harsanyi says President...
government spending

Life, Liberty, Property #18: GOP Should Hang Tough Regarding Debt Ceiling

Life, Liberty, Property #18: GOP should hang tough regarding debt ceiling after passing the Limit, Save, Grow Act.  IN THIS ISSUE: GOP Should Hang...