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Government Schools Ramp Up Anti-‘Whiteness’ Agenda with Taxpayer Dollars

In December it was revealed that the San Diego Unified School District had hired Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo, two brazen race hustlers posing as “trainers” to jam their radical racial separatist agenda down the throats of the city’s public school teachers. As reported by Christopher Rufo in City Journal, “The training begins with a ‘land acknowledgement,’ in which the teachers are asked to accept that they are colonizers living on stolen Native American land. Then they are told they will experience ‘guilt, anger, apathy, [and] closed-mindedness’ because of their ‘white fragility.’”

It gets worse. Much worse.

A whistleblower secretly took notes and recorded screen shots of another teacher training session in San Diego. This one was held by Bettina Love, a race-obsessed college professor, who claims that American schools are guilty of the “spirit murdering of Black children.” She also insists that “Whiteness reproduces poverty, failing schools, high unemployment, school closings, and trauma for people of color,” and stealing a page from George Orwell’s 1984, that white educators must undergo “antiracist therapy.” As if the above were not despicable enough, because too many black students are failing in San Diego schools, the district will no longer let late work or bad behavior affect a child’s grade.

Seattle is no better. At a recent training in the Emerald City, lowly Caucasians were told that they possess “lizard-brains,” which makes them “afraid that [they] will have to talk about sensitive issues such as race, racism, classism, sexism, or any kind of ‘ism.’” The trainers also instructed educators that they should work toward the “abolition of whiteness.” Lest you think this conference was a one-off, a visit to the Seattle Public Schools website will disabuse you of that notion.

Like Covid, the indoctrination pandemic is not location-specific. In New Jersey, S2781, a bill which passed 26-13 in the State Senate, ensures that students will “examine the impact that unconscious bias and economic disparities have at both an individual level and on society as a whole.”

In Minnesota, St. Paul public schools are on their way to making an “ethnic studies” class mandatory for graduation. But at the same time, as reported by the Center of the American Experiment, a draft of the new state social studies standards shows the standards are very light on World War I, World War II, the Holocaust, the American Revolution, the Civil War, etc.

In California, the latest Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum draft, which will make taking an ethnic studies class a requirement to graduate high school, has been released for public comment. Though not as vile as earlier versions, there is still plenty here to be concerned about. Critical race theory, which maintains that racism is pervasive and permanent, and divides students into “oppressor” and “oppressed” factions, is omnipresent.

The question becomes, what can be done to stop the careening indoctrination train?

In California, parents and the general public can weigh in and tell the California State Board of Education (by January 21) to oppose using critical race theory in our schools.

Also, the Family Policy Alliance has released a new book available for free online, “Back to School—for Parents,” which takes a “journey through each part of the school system where student and parental rights violations are trending,” and explains how to fight back against the radical agenda that is running rampant in our schools.

And on a most interesting note, a Nevada mother has filed a lawsuit against her son’s charter school for refusing to let him opt out of a mandatory class that “promotes hostility toward whites as a race.” In the federal lawsuit, Gabrielle Clark claims that the school’s teachers and administrators coerced her son William “to accept and affirm politicized and discriminatory principles and statements that he cannot in good conscience affirm.” The litigation also alleges several constitutional violations including compelled speech, viewpoint discrimination, retaliation, etc.

It’s worth noting that the student, who has a black mother and a (deceased) white father, is very light-skinned. His “whiteness” and refusal to lick the indoctrinator’s boots earned him a D-minus in the class, and he was subsequently suspended for committing “racism” according to the lawsuit. Ironically, the mother only learned about the indoctrination attempt by attending a distance learning class with her son.

Too much of our education system has turned into 1984-style brainwashing, and will continue unabated until parents – the schools’ customers – stand up and learn their rights, run for school board, litigate, and best of all, homeschool if possible. Your children, taxpayers and the country are depending on you.

[Originally posted at the California Policy Center. Republished with permission.]

Larry Sand
Larry Sand is president of the California Teachers Empowerment Network.



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