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New Scorecard Rates Businesses on Free Speech, Religious Freedom Support

Writing at World magazine, radio host Erick Erickson discusses a new corporate scorecard he calls a “mechanism for exposing corporate America’s progressivism,” which rates businesses on their support of free speech and religious freedom.

The scoreord is a response to big businesses increasingly using their economic clout to force governments to pass laws favoring social policies the managers and activist groups want, and which stockholders and customers may dislike intensely.

Erickson writes,

The non-profit legal organization Alliance Defending Freedom and the Christian investing and financial technology firm Inspire Investing have jointly decided to join the scorecard business with their Viewpoint Diversity Score. This action uses the tactics of progressive organizations like the Human Rights Campaign to counterbalance their influence on corporate America. Together, ADF and Inspire have rated 50 of the Fortune 1000 companies on their commitment to free speech and religious freedom. Publicly traded social media companies like Meta (Facebook) and Twitter are on the list. So too are financial groups like Bank of America that often process or might refuse to process transactions of groups based on their political views….

“CEOs and business leaders have positions of considerable power,” notes Jeremy Tedesco, ADF senior counsel and senior vice president for corporate engagement. “They shouldn’t weaponize their influence or the companies they run to divide Americans or engage in speech censorship or anti-religious bigotry.” He believes business leaders and their companies should commit to respecting diverse religious and ideological viewpoints both inside and outside of their organizations….

Directing dollars to businesses that support religious freedom and free speech is a great step toward getting corporations out of politics. Helping to level the playing field, ADF and Inspire are providing a helpful way forward for Christians who find themselves on the wrong side of elite corporate power.

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S. T. Karnick
S. T. Karnick
S. T. Karnick is a senior fellow and director of publications for The Heartland Institute, where he edits Heartland Daily News.


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