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Maine Parent Wins Fight to Expose Inappropriate Materials in School Libraries

Fighting the trend of libraries in taxpayer-funded schools becoming an access point for radical ideologies, obscene materials, and leftist indoctrination, a parent in Maine took a stand to protect his daughters from harmful materials available in the library of his local school.

Shawn McBreairty initially spoke at Cumberland school in Maine, where his twin daughters were enrolled. He informed other parents in the district about curriculum items that promoted “obscene books, glorified gender transition, and advocated radical sexual practices,” The Epoch Times reports.

When he first began speaking to groups of parents, they were shocked to find out the kinds of books being offered to their young children, McBreairty told The Epoch Times.

Books in the library of Regional School Unit 22 introduced kindergarteners to the idea that changing names and genders is normal. The library gave pornographic materials to the children. Books included graphic descriptions and pictures of sexual behavior such as masturbation and children performing sex acts.

“Pornography is pornography,” McBreairty told the newspaper. “I don’t care if it’s one word, one picture, one line, whatever. That does not belong in the library for kids under 18.”

The school district retaliated by banning McBreairty from all school events and sent a police officer to threaten him with arrest.

McBreairty took the district to court and won. The school board was ordered to pay McBreairty $40,000. McBreairty says he will not accept the district’s money for himself but will use it to pay legal fees and for himself and other parents fighting against the schools’ policies.

School libraries have become ground zero in the battle over exposure to radical ideologies in elementary schools, which is generally done without informing parents, The New York Post reports.

Outraged parents and communities across the country have forced the resignations of radical leftist librarians whose policies have been exposed to the public, the Post reports.

The state of Missouri recently enacted a law prohibiting “sexually explicit” books in school libraries, Newsmax reports. Gov. Mike Parson signed the bill into law in June.

Under the Missouri law, school administrators, faculty, and staff must protect children from sexual material. Violation of the law may result in up to a year in jail and a $2,000 fine, Newsmax reports.

Last December, a school district in San Antonio, Texas removed from school libraries more than 400 books deemed inappropriate for children, Newsmax reported. The books dealt primarily with gender issues, sexual orientation, or race.

Gov. Greg Abbot of Texas has requested an investigation into the distribution of pornographic books in Texas schools, Newsmax reports.

In Florida, school board member Ashley Gilhousen told Fox News she was “disgusted by pornographic books available to kids” and has been pressing for their removal. Gilhousen, a mother of three boys and a Clay County school board member, told Fox News those allowing children access to pornography should be punished.

“I’m disgusted that anybody would think that that’s appropriate material to have in a school library,” Gilhousen told the outlet. “There needs to be disciplinary action for anybody who offers this kind of material to a child.”

An assistant librarian (whom we will call Lisa to protect her from retaliation) in Washington State told Heartland Daily News librarians have been an important component in the radical indoctrination of the nation’s children.

“Librarians have total control over what they want and what they don’t want in the library,” Lisa said. “They use reading time to slowly indoctrinate children.”

In the school where she works, the librarian schedules classes of students for reading time each week and picks a book to be read out loud to students, Lisa said.

“They might pick a pretty picture book that tells a story about vegetables and how an orange vegetable doesn’t want to be orange,” Lisa said. “It’s very subtle transgender indoctrination.”

The librarian also has the authority to take a book out of the system. If a book shows a Republican or conservative in a positive light, that book is likely to be removed or never put on the shelves.

“Liberals have a great influence in our schools,” Lisa said. “Liberals will bash anything that is good.”

Any teachers or staff members who do not support the leftist political agenda are ignored or even punished, says Lisa. Only the leftist agenda is tolerated.

“When [President] Donald Trump got elected, the principal got on the AV system and said there would be no discussion about the election,” Lisa said. “It was like the ‘crying rooms’ on college campuses. Teachers even wore safety pins to school.”

The wearing of safety pins began after Trump was elected, to signify resistance to his presidency, CBS News reported at the time. The gesture symbolized solidarity against Trump and support of people who considered his agenda dangerous.

“Library watchdog” Dan Kleinman manages the Safe Libraries website, where he informs the public about pornographic and other inappropriate books and videos made available to children in libraries of government-run schools.

“The average person has no idea of this, but librarians have been targeting children in recent years and trying to turn them into political activists,” Kleinman told The New York Post.

Librarians see themselves as a critical to the Marxist revolution in the United States, Kleinman told the Post.

“You need soldiers in the revolution, so they are teaching kids to be little antifa activists who hate their own country and will act as a collective to bring about change,” Kleinman said.

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Eileen Griffin
Eileen Griffin
Eileen Griffin writes from Richland, Washington.


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