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Congress Should Demand a COVID Truth Commission–Lockdown Skeptics

The time has come for a COVID Truth Commission, say two of the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, the 2020 document that argued the case against pandemic lockdowns and was signed by over 936,000 doctors, scientists, and concerned citizens.

A commission like the one examining the Challenger disaster is needed, wrote Martin Kulldorff and Jay Bhattacharya, in an op-ed in the New York Post, on February 21.

The Challenger commission included physicist Richard Feynman, who demonstrated that, contrary to NASA’s denial, a faulty O-ring did not withstand cold temperatures and caused the shuttle to explode upon launch.

“The American people deserve a similar bipartisan, scientifically minded COVID-19 commission so the public health disaster of the past three years is not repeated,” Kulldorff and Bhattacharya wrote.

Issues To Investigate

Kulldorff and Bhattacharya have formed the Norfolk Group to provide a blueprint for such a fact-finding commission, and the group has published a list of 10 issues to investigate.

Among topics that should be investigated, states a document on the group’s website: could anything have been done to better protect older Americans who were more at risk for hospitalization and death, why schools and universities closed, and why epidemiological models were so strongly emphasized. The commission should also investigate mask and vaccine mandates, and why the rollout of testing was so poorly rolled out, says the group.

In addition to Kullforff and Bhattacharya, the other members of the Norfolk Group are physicians Ram Duriseti, Tracy Beth Hoeg, and Marty Makary; veterinarian Leslie Bienen; and immune and infection disease scientists Margery Smelkinson and Steven Templeton.

Natural Immunity Ignored

Kulldorff elaborated on the failure of the COVID-19 response in a talk at Hillsdale College, on March 13.

“After the (mRMA shots) had been approved, they were pushed on people who had COVID—which is very strange because there was no clinical data on it; and, we’ve known for two and a half thousand years, if you have an infectious disease, then, you have natural immunity,” said Kulforff. “It might not be permanent or complete, but it would at least reduce the severity of the disease. In fact, hospitals should hire nurses with natural immunity because they’re less likely to pass it on to patients. Instead, they fired nurses with natural immunity.”

In response to a question about whether U.S. pandemic policy was stupid or criminal, Kuldorff said it was a combination of several factors: groupthink, censorship by the government, silence by the science community, and Anthony Fauci.

“He (Fauci) is a lab scientist,” said Kuldorff. “He does not know about public health, so ‘stupidity’ because it is not his field, but he ended up being the key person for the COVID response and he basically violated most of the principles of public health. “

Kevin Stone (kevin.s.stone@gmail.com) writes from Arlington, Texas

AnneMarie Schieber (amschieber@heartland.org) is the managing editor of Health Care News contributed to this article.

Kevin Stone
Kevin Stone
Kevin Stone writes from Dallas, Texas.


  1. Unfortunately we are killing the Earth pretty fast now. So, these people think its better to kill people off, lower population, and then what? Slave Control over birth rates? Probably. Something needs to be done, I can agree, but, its also said Pfizer patents are all running out, they need a new cash cow, so, they make people sick so they can come up with new meds just like their newest med. Its basically IVERMECTIN with some salt added to it, so they can patent it. Then charge out the azzzz for it. We need smarter, better leaders. We can do the right thing, but never mistake that the Govt is also keeping cures for cancer from us, due to population. Just like animal herds, they allow more deer to be taken when the breed out of control (in their eyes). So, one must be ignorant to not believe they would do this to humans. We are way more destructive to the planet then animals. Mr Smith, The Matrix… It is sad how right he is… Until we change, they will probably do this stuff more and more and maybe already have and got away with it back in the plaque days.

  2. Karen Kingston is all you need to know, Ex Pfizer employee shows all the patents, old patents, that they created all of this, before the pandemic. Just find her on Brighteon dot com.

    Its amazing how much evidence she has, yet, no one is letting her speak pretty much anywhere.


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