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Gov. Gavin Newsom Fines School District $1.5 Million for Rejecting LGBT Materials

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has fined Temecula School District $1.5 million after it rejected a proposed curriculum from the governor’s office for its LGBT content.

The Temecula County school board voted to reject a curriculum that included a social studies book that referenced Harvey Milk, an LGBT activist and politician. Opponents are reportedly concerned about an alleged relationship Milk had with a teenager while in his 30s, according to CBS News. (RELATED: Virginia Education Department Releases ‘Model Policies’ That Vow To ‘Keep Parents Informed’ About Their Kids)

“If the school board won’t do its job by its next board meeting to ensure kids start the school year with basic materials, the state will deliver the book into the hands of children and their parents — and we’ll send the district the bill and fine them for violating state law,” Newsom said in a July 14 press release after the school board voted to reject his curriculum.

Now, the Democrat governor has announced a contract to provide the books to school children in the district.

“California will ensure students in Temecula begin the school year with access to materials reviewed by parents and recommended by teachers across the district,” the governor said in a press release Thursday. “After we deliver the textbooks into the hands of students and their parents, the state will deliver the bill — along with a $1.5 million fine — to the school board for its decision to willfully violate the law, subvert the will of parents, and force children to use an out-of-print textbook from 17 years ago.”

By rejecting the curriculum and continuing to use textbooks published in 2006, Newsom says the district is “out of compliance with at least three separate state laws and frameworks.”

One Temecula Valley, a Political Action Committee, is collecting signatures to recall several members of the school board. The school board members — Joseph Komrosky, Danny Gonzales and Jen Wiersma — have reportedly banned critical race theory in the district.

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Sarah Weaver
Sarah Weaver is a social issues reporter for The Daily Caller


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