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Iowa Utilities Board to Discuss Carbon Dioxide Pipeline

(The Center Square) – The Iowa Utilities Board is holding a meeting on Aug. 22 on a proposed carbon pipeline rejected last week by North Dakota regulators.

Summit Carbon Solutions is asking to run about 720 miles of the pipeline through Iowa. Four other states are included on the route: Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Last week the North Dakota Public Service Commission rejected Summit’s application.

“The Commission felt that Summit has not taken steps to address outstanding legitimate impacts and concerns expressed by landowners or demonstrated why a reroute is not feasible,” North Dakota Regulators said in a news release. “The Commission also requested additional information on a number of issues that came up during the hearings. Summit either did not adequately address these requests or did not tender a witness to answer the questions.”

Hundreds of landowners and some local governments in the pipeline’s Iowa path are expressing reservations in online filings. Seven counties filed a notice with the utility board on Thursday asking it to take judicial notice of North Dakota’s denial.

“This denial affects the project’s ability to sequester carbon dioxide in North Dakota and tends to cast doubt on the statements and assertions about the project made so far in the record of this proceeding,” the order said.

The Iowa Utilities Board meeting takes place at the Cardiff Event Center in Fort Dodge at 10 a.m. on Aug. 22. It’s expected to last several weeks, the board said.

Summit said in a statement Wednesday it will refile its application in North Dakota.

“Summit Carbon Solutions hears the Commission, including concerns with respect to the pipeline location around Bismarck,” the company said in a post on its website. “Summit is looking at plans again and will address those issues in our reconsidered application, including reroutes. The company is determined to get this right for everyone involved.”

The company is also facing questions from South Dakota landowners. The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission scheduled hearings beginning Sept. 11. The final decision will be made by Nov. 15, according to PUC filings.

Summit said in a June statement the company acquired 70% of its easements for the route through South Dakota.

The pipeline would transport carbon from more than 30 ethanol plants to underground injection control facilities in North Dakota, according to the company. The 2,000-mile pipeline is dubbed the “Midwest Carbon Express.”

Kim Jarrett is an associate editor with The Center Square. 

Originally published by The Center Square. Republished with permission.

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Kim Jarrett
Kim Jarrett
Kim Jarrett is an associate editor with The Center Square. 


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