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Corn Ethanol More Environmentally Harmful than Gasoline, Says Study

Adding ethanol to or substituting corn-based ethanol for gasoline increases greenhouse gas emissions compared to gasoline sans ethanol, reports a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

U.S. EPA Proposes Revised Ethanol Rules

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has proposed reducing in the amount of biofuel that refiners are required to blend into petroleum-based fuels.

The GOP’s Modest Debt Limit Proposal (Analysis)

The GOP’s modest debt limit proposal would begin to put a dent in the fiscal challenge, but could be strengthened. (Analysis) By Romina Boccia (Ed. Note: This...

Senators Renew Push for Year-Round E15 Fuel Use

A bipartisan group of Senators is asking the Biden administration again to allow the sale of E15 fuel throughout the year, despite the fact that it is environmentally damaging and is heavily subsidized.
raining money

Biden’s EPA Has Already Poured Nearly $1 Billion Into “Climate Pollution” This Year

By Katelynn Richardson The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced over $250 million in grants are available to fund plans for projects combating “climate pollution” on...
government spending

18 Absurdities in Omnibus Spending Bill (Commentary)

18 absurdities in Omnibus spending bill: special-interest handouts and fuel for inflation and the woke, leftist establishment.   Congressional leaders have dropped 6,825 pages of text...

Net Zero Policies Cost Families Dearly

By Vijay Jayaraj We’ve read a lot about how the Ukraine conflict has increased the price of energy in the international market. However, the root...
wind bird deaths

Commentary: Green Fascists Are Destroying the World

The green agenda needs to become the topic of open, honest, balanced, and very public debate, because it is causing environmental harm and setting back the cause of human rights.
china protest heartland institute

Climate Change Weekly #444: China Scraps (Already Scant) Climate Cooperation Over Pelosi Taiwan Visit

China announced it was suspending cooperation with the United States in the fight against climate change. Heaven forbid!
pipeline permitting

Carbon Capture Didn’t Make Sense 12 Years Ago And It Doesn’t Make Sense Now

The reconciliation bill includes $3.2 billion in tax credits for carbon capture and sequestration, a technology that carries high costs, limited pipeline availability, and minimal chance for success.

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Texas Looking More Like California (Opinion)

Texas looking more like California, after legislators passed largest increases in spending, corporate welfare, and safety nets in state history. (Opinion) By Vance Ginn Texas’ 88th...

More Businesses Leaving Crime-Ridden San Francisco

More businesses leaving crime-ridden San Francisco, with Nordstrom announcing it is closing its stores. By Eileen Griffin High-end retailer Nordstrom announced it is closing its two...
Supreme Court

Supreme Court Limits EPA’s Authority in Victory for Landowners

In Sackett v. EPA, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously struck down the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s broad application of the 1972 Clean Water Act to isolated wetlands on private property, ruling the Clean Water Act does not apply to the Sackett family’s property.