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soaring inflation

Democrats’ Whatever-Tax-That-Can-Pass Approach (Opinion)

Democrats' whatever-tax-that-can-pass approach ignores whether the tax will raise revenue or damage the economy, says Merrill Matthews. Economists know that taxes and government spending can...
Vape teenagers. Young cute girl in sunglasses and young handsome guy smoke an electronic cigarettes in the vape bar. Bad habit that is harmful to health. Vaping activity.

The FDA’s Misinformation Problem (Opinion)

The FDA’s misinformation problem is that it keeps pushing its own, says Martin Cullip of The Taxpayers Protection Alliance. This week, the Food and Drug...
EV charging

EV Push Undermined By Scarce, Faulty Charging Stations

EV push undermined by broken and malfunctioning public charging stations, with one in five drivers failing to successfully charge, says JD Powers. Many electric car...