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Raccoon Dog

COVID-19 Origin: Lab Leak, or Bats, Pangolins, Raccoon Dogs?

COVID-19 origin: was it a lab leak, or did bats, pangolins, or raccoon dogs transmit it to humans?  Perfect timing. Just as most of you (and the analysts at the...
wetlands agriculture

Federal Judge Delivers Blow to Biden’s Climate Agenda: ‘Destructive Federal Overreach’

A federal judge blocked the Biden administration from implementing environmental regulations redefining how water sources are protected, but which opponents have argued were an example of overreach.

I’m a Black Physician, and I’m Appalled by Mandated Implicit Bias Training – Commentary

The message to physicians is bad enough, but the message to patients is much worse. Black people are, in effect, being told White physicians are likely to quite literally damage our health.