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Carbon Dioxide CO2

Iowa Utilities Board to Discuss Carbon Dioxide Pipeline

The Iowa Utilities Board is holding a meeting on Aug. 22 on a proposed carbon pipeline rejected last week by North Dakota regulators.
heat wave summer

Climate Change Weekly #479: Hot Summer Due to Many Factors—Carbon Dioxide Emissions Are Not...

Let’s state the obvious and get it out of the way. It’s hot out there. Yeah, it’s summer and summer is typically hot, but it has as a matter of fact been “hotter than [usual in] July” across much of the globe.
genetically modified trees

Firm Plants Bioengineered Trees That Remove More Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

Living Carbon is launching projects that aim to plant the company’s genetically engineered “photosynthesis enhanced trees” which enhance their ability to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they grow.
federal lawsuit

Supreme Court Ruling Limiting EPA’s Power to Regulate Carbon Dioxide Emissions Is Good for...

The United States Supreme Court today in West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency ruled the agency overstepped its statutory authority in regulating emissions of CO2 from power plants, defending the Constitution's separation of powers in the process.
carbon tax

The Anti-Science Absurdity of the US’s Unilateral Carbon Dioxide Disarmament

Humans are suffering from many mass psychoses, we’ll look at two: That carbon dioxide is a pollutant; and that man-made CO2 is destroying the planet.  Both of which are about as ridiculously anti-science and anti-reality as it gets.
electric power disconnection

Senate Democrats Propose Requiring 80 Percent Carbon Dioxide Emission Free Electricity By 2030

A plan being developed by the Senate Democratic caucus would provide incentives for energy producers that meet clean energy goals, while penalizing those that do not meet a proposed 80 percent carbon dioxide emission free electrical generation rate by 2030.

Swiss Voters Reject Carbon Dioxide Restrictions Law and a Synthetic Pesticide Ban

In a referendum vote, Swiss voters rejected a new law meant to keep the nation on pace with Paris accord commitments.

Washington State Imposes Carbon Dioxide Cap-and-Trade Regime

Washington Governor Jay Inslee has signed into law legislation capping carbon dioxide emissions and setting specific emission limits for individual businesses.
Voting booths at Hermosa Beach City Hall during California Primary

More than a Third of Americans Wouldn’t Pay $1 to Reduce Carbon Dioxide

A poll of 1200 registered voters taken by the Competitive Enterprise Institute found 35 percent unwilling to spend anything for carbon dioxide reduction.

Trump Administration Imposes First Domestic Carbon Dioxide Restrictions on Commercial Aircraft

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency finalized the first ever carbon dioxide emissions limits for domestically manufactured commercial and large business aircraft, aligning U.S. standards with CO2 emissions limits set by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

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oil production

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